The Estate Maintenance Plan includes:
  • An annual planning summary: Each year, you are refreshed on the basic framework of your plan.
  • Word processing updates: Our office will re-draft powers of attorney and HIPAA authorizations each year, and keep the names of any beneficiaries and successors in your plan up to date.
  • Storage of estate planning documents in our secure document vault, plus emergency access to your health care directives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Invitation to annual client appreciation event
The Trust Maintenance Plan includes:
  • Everything under the Estate Maintenance Plan
  • Complete restatement of trust on an annual basis
  • Annual family meeting to educate family members on your estate plan
The Trust Funding and Maintenance Plan includes:
  • Everything under the Estate and Trust Maintenance Plans
  • Comprehensive trust funding services. Our office will maintain a spreadsheet of all of your assets, and ensure that your trust remains funded for maximum protection of your estate and beneficiaries.