Each year, Americans file more than 19 million lawsuits against each other. Many of these lawsuits are frivolous, or settled for greater sums than the actual liability.

Physicians, lawyers, dentists, and businesses owners are particularly vulnerable to suit because of the risks associated with conducting their business. Physicians are constant targets of malpractice lawsuits. Professionals and business owners are increasingly subject to other legal actions, including employee lawsuits breach of contract claims, manager / director actions, and other business-related lawsuits. In addition, individuals are vulnerable to actions from personal injury claims, such as slip and fall actions, and litigation related to car accidents.

With proper asset protection planning, a litigant or creditor may find that relatively few assets are available to satisfy a judgment. The Law Offices of John C. Martin advises clients on several strategies to protect assets from creditors, potential litigants, and fraudsters. These strategies discourage lawsuits and give individuals added leverage in the event a lawsuit is filed.