What is the best entity for your business?

Business owners face a number of potential challenges when choosing and setting up an entity, including: how personal liability will be shielded from the business’ obligations; how future disputes with business partners will be handled; whether the business will be eligible for certain tax advantages; and whether the company will be able to issue multiple types of stock, attract investment, or allow for a future IPO.

Our office helps business owners and entrepreneurs address these and other issues in order to ensure that the business gets off to a good start.

We have advised clients on the following legal issues:

  • Formation of limited liability companies, limited partnerships, S and C Corporations
  • Business By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and Minutes of Meeting
  • Partnership agreements and operating agreements
  • Initial business contracts, including employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, and buy-sell agreements
  • Business licensing and permits
  • Fictitious name statements
  • Securities filings

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